For a limited time, caregivers who qualify can receive 1® class, courtesy of Northwest Media, Inc.

To qualify for a scholarship, an applicant must:

  1. be a parent whose FPC account is not under the management of an agency.
  2. be registered with®. Registration is free and takes only a few moments. Click on "Register Now" at the top of this page.
  3. feel the cost of paying for a class is a financial challenge

Once you are registered and have answered the application questions, you will be instantly notified whether or not you qualify. If you qualify, 1 training unit will be immediately available to you. You will have two weeks to use your scholarship unit to enroll in a class. If the scholarship unit remains in your account after two weeks it will be removed from your account and given to another applicant.

If you do not qualify for the scholarship program, you will be immediately notified.

Organizations or individuals interested in sponsoring scholarships for® training for foster, adoptive and kinship parents are invited to contact us at

1.Which of the following best describes you? (check all that apply)
Foster Parent
Kinship Caregiver
Adoptive Parent
Birth Parent
Step Parent
None of the Above
2.Does the cost of parent training pose a financial hardship?
3.Do you have a® account?
4. I understand that each qualified applicant is allowed only one class on scholarship. I agree to pay for additional classes. I understand that obtaining more than one class on scholarship by any means is a form of fraud.
I agree
I disagree

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