Anger Outbursts
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In this course, Rick Delaney, Ph.D. covers four types of anger outbursts in children: temper tantrums, assaultive behavior toward other children, rage toward the mother, and erratic or unpredictable anger. For each type of anger outburst, Dr. Delaney gives viewers insight into possible reasons for the behavior, as well as practical and immediate steps parents can take to deal with their child's particular type of anger outburst. Also provided are general steps for all foster or adoptive parents who are caring for a child with an anger problem. This course includes interactive exercises and supplemental handouts.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify possible causes for temper tantrums, assaultive behavior towards other children, rage toward the mother, and erratic or unpredictable anger in foster and adoptive children
  • understand ways children express anger
  • list warning signs of serious anger problems
  • identify when to seek the assistance of a qualified therapist
  • list positive, immediate steps that can be used to deal with temper tantrums
  • outline effective strategies parents can use with violent and assaultive children and youth

My child use to throw tantrums in front of everyone including his classmates, then we created a consequence. We explained to him that every time he threw a temper tantrum, we would go into the car and give him an opportunity to calm down, that when he did calm down, we would return to his class. In the beginning we did this several times in a day. Eventually his tantrums decreased, he told me sitting in the car with me was boring and decided he would rather be in his classroom.
Gayle S.

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This course explores possible causes for:

  • temper tantrums

  • assaultive behavior towards other children

  • rage towards the mother

  • erratic or unpredictable anger

2 credit hours,
$10.00 per person