Family Dynamics in Foster Care
The course will help professionals working in foster care develop an increased awareness of foster family dynamics, to help them improve the matches between children and families before placement. It will also help them determine how to intervene with foster families to avoid disruptions or failed placements. In so doing, the course aims to increase placement stability and improve life for children in care. Family Dynamics in Foster Care includes 17 handouts plus access to a course participant discussion board.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify and describe four discernable, classic family styles
  • describe common motives parents may have for fostering children and identify them as positive or problematic
  • describe misconceptions, or myths, commonly held by parents as reasons for fostering children
  • describe common pressures that impact fostering families
  • describe the interview "question cycle" and how it can provide insight into family dynamics

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This course focuses on four areas of foster family dynamics:

  • family systems and style

  • myths and motives

  • problems and issues

  • common family pressures

4 credit hours,
$30.00 per person