Anger (Advanced Parenting Workshop)
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In this workshop, participants learn about the types and components of anger. A case study is introduced, and participants collaborate to identify the components of an outburst and how it is influenced by the child's biases and beliefs. They then develop an action plan for the case family, with guidance and assistance by Dr. Richard Delaney and his teaching assistants.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • understand the ABCs (components) of anger
  • learn the types of anger outbursts
  • identify warning signs for serious anger problems
  • distinguish between unhealthy and healthy anger
  • know when to seek help
  • develop and implement an action plan for coping with anger

I am a clinical social worker, licensed child and family therapist and specialized foster parent and have been working for children for 20 years, and I really enjoyed this course, learned some new ideas and ways to phrase concepts in helpful manner to parents, and am eager to recommend this course to other foster parents!!!
Mary L.

This was a terrific course with great content and real life examples. I have a Foster Child who displays most of these traits and this training is able to start coming to life in my household immediately. Well Done!
Cec C.

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This Advanced Parenting Workshop on Anger helps parents understand:

  • the ABCs (components) of anger

  • the types of anger outbursts

  • how to develop and implement an action plan for coping with anger

6 credit hours,
$30.00 per person
Requires discussion board participation