Child Safety and Supervision
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Michael F. Quinn, M.A., social worker and foster family agency supervisor in residential foster care and group home settings, discusses the safety challenges faced by foster parents. Also covered are the importance of collecting pre-placement information, making in-home observations of child behavior, developing in- and out-of-home safety plans, reporting unusual incidences, and working as a childcare team member. Supplemental handouts are included.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • collect important pre-placement background information about a child's special needs
  • adjust a home's safety features to best meet a child's needs
  • conduct in-home observations of a foster child
  • develop a safety plan for in- and out-of-home situations
  • report unusual events or incidences to the proper authorities

Today I completed the Child Safety and Supervision course. This course was so helpful I learned alot once again. Effective Supervision, Red Flags, Family Outing and the 4 W's. I've enjoyed learning new things and happy and motivated to continue.
Angela D.

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This course presents strategies for safe and appropriate supervision:

  • pre-placement interviewing

  • safety plan development

  • in-home observations and adjustments

  • being a childcare team member

2 credit hours,
$10.00 per person