Substance-Exposed Infants
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Robert Nickel, MD, developmental pediatrician and professor of pediatrics and Susan Edelstein, MSW, Program Director of TIES for Adoption/ UCLA address the issues and challenges faced by parents who care for substance-exposed infants. The health and medical needs of infants and newborns prenatally exposed to drugs can be perplexing and serious. This course sheds light on this complex subject and provides useful strategies for parenting these infants as well as valuable tips for working with an infant's professional team.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • understand the effects of prenatal substance exposure on infants
  • identify myths and common misinformation about the effects of substances on infants and children
  • identify medical issues of substance-exposed infants
  • identify strategies for parenting irritable, dysregulated infants
  • identify strategies for parenting lethargic infants
  • understand how to work with professionals and the child's biological parents

I want to say that this class had some great info! We are fostering to adopt a little girl now for over 6 months and she has ALWAYS been a challenge and we never knew why. ... we started putting the pieces together and with her EIS coordinator we have determined that she was a Substance Exposed Infant. This class gave me a lot of information and COMFORT in knowing that our little girl has good chances of being "normal" like everyone else with the right support. Thank you!
Samantha W.

Great info to know. Really enjoyed the insight from the resource mom and the 3 individual stories. The tips for dealing with the potential issues are very informative and great info to keep in mind. I appreciate the way that the "class" kept reinforcing info that is needed to help support infants with substance abuse - well done!
Mary Ellen B.

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This course examines the effects of prenatal substance abuse on infants. Also covered are:

  • myths and misinformation

  • effects of legal and illegal drugs

  • medical and developmental issues

  • key parenting strategies

  • working with professionals

4 credit hours,
$20.00 per person