Positive Parenting 1
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In this class, host Sarada Thomas introduces three positive parenting techniques: Cooperation, or making effective requests; Tracking problem behaviors; and Encouragement, or rewarding desirable behaviors. The class includes ideas for dealing with children who resist positive parenting techniques.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • describe the key components of effective requests
  • know why and how to track problem behaviors
  • explain how to encourage good behaviors
  • understand when it is time to alter your strategy

As a parent and a foster parent, it is hard sometimes to stay calm and catch how I react to certain things children do. The training is very helpful to help parents see how we can get children to respond and behave in a positive way. Lots of patience and time is needed and even more consistency for behaviors to change, both in children and adults.

After viewing this training, I made it a point to reset myself with how I behave in order to model how I expect my children to behave.
Margaret G.

This course was a great reminder for me to set the stage for good behavior. I feel that when my oldest was small, I was really good about recognizing his limits and environmental triggers. I am more distracted now, and he suffers when I am not on top of it. The portion of the course that dealt with tracking behavior was just a great reminder that I need to pay more attention to everything, not just negative behavior.
Davis D.

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This course explores three types of positive parenting techniques:

  • encouragement

  • cooperation

  • tracking behavior

2 credit hours,
$10.00 per person