Working with Schools
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Karen Jorgenson, M.A. and Ginger Gorham, M.S. examine problems frequently encountered when working with a child's school and offer simple, positive guidance to foster parents on developing a working relationship with schools. Ms. Jorgenson and Ms. Gorham also discuss building a school-parent team, roles and responsibilities of the foster parent and the school, special education, homework strategies, and dealing with difficult behaviors at school. Handouts are included.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify reasons children in care experience significant school problems
  • identify members of a school "team"
  • state school and foster parent roles and responsibilities
  • identify strategies to help a child transition to a new school
  • identify ways to advocate for your child when dealing with schools
  • describe the role of the parent in the special education process
  • list strategies for overcoming homework struggles
  • identify methods for dealing with difficult behaviors at school

I am a foster parent, and a licensed teacher. This course clarified what I already knew, and helped my husband who is not as familiar with education. The handouts were helpful, especially the surrogate parent handout because there are always questions legally about can the foster parent act as the parent on certain decisions. I did like the point that was made about making homework positive.
Jeff W.

I felt the course was very helpful and it reinforced some of the issues I came up against with my last set of children. They had never done homework and the eldest was disruptive in class. Together the school and I worked out how to handle him and by the time he left me he was above average for his age and a most pleasant boy to be around.
Merete Y.

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This course explores building an effective, positive educational environment for children:

  • roles and responsibilities

  • entering a new school

  • working with the school staff

  • special education

  • parent advocacy

2 credit hours,
$10.00 per person