Trauma-Informed Parenting
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Many children in care experience traumatic events, including abuse, neglect, and domestic violence. These traumatic events can affect a child long after he or she has been removed from the source of the trauma. This class explores how parents can care for a child while being sensitive to his or her past traumatic experiences.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • describe "complex trauma"
  • understand how a child's past experiences impact his or her behavior
  • use the Trauma-Sensitive Review Form
  • understand how to encourage a child to develop strength and resilience
  • describe the seven aftereffects of complex trauma
  • understand how to adapt parenting style to a child's needs

(I) definitely found this course invaluable. I cannot imagine going into foster care without a course like this -- the parenting approaches need to be so different than old-school strategies that might actually further damage the kiddos! I love the Review handout for guiding us along when a new placement arrives... I plan to use this form as a communication tool with caseworkers as well, and see whether they'd also appreciate it.
Corina S-F

This course was so right on with how our foster kiddos were. I now know more and can help them more with issues that they face. It also really helped me to see that a lot of what we were already doing was correct. I wish I had known about this course before they were placed with us. A lot of what we did was what had worked for my own children. Will use this course as a resource and will tell other foster parents about this course and how wonderful it was presented too.
Michele MS

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This course explores trauma-informed parenting including:

  • complex trauma

  • strength and resilience

  • aftereffects

  • parenting practices

2 credit hours,
$10.00 per person