Reducing Family Stress
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Day-to-day life is full of naturally occurring stress. The addition of a foster child, especially one with problem behaviors, can alter the family dynamic, compounding existing stress. This course discusses how the stressors that accompany fostering can be reduced and provides insight into and strategies for preserving a nurturing family environment.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify sources of stress in the foster family
  • describe the impact fostering a traumatized child can have on family members
  • describe the physical and emotional impact of stress and trauma
  • describe how stress can be minimized during all phases of placement
  • describe how a support system can help reduce stress for the foster family and help preserve a nurturing family environment

I wish I had watched this before becoming a foster parent. The training my agency gave me a great but this would have been a excellent extra supplemental aid for all those wondering if fostering is for them. I knew I wanted to be a foster parent but had no idea what all it entailed. This training gave information and presented information in such a helpful way I think any one who watches this will benefit.
Margaret G.

As a family who has already fostered, we really identified with so much in this course. Before fostering, I wouldn't have seen much value in this course, but it is SO very important. The impact of stress on the family is enormous and we liked how this course covered these feelings.
Mrs. & Mr. Fix

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This course examines the stress of fostering including:

  • sources of stress

  • impact of trauma

  • support systems

4 credit hours,
$20.00 per person