Child Abuse & Neglect
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Betsy Keefer Smalley, LSW, researcher and foster parent trainer with the Institute for Human Services in Ohio, leads this pre-service course for individuals who want to become foster parents. Child Abuse and Neglect focuses on understanding child physical abuse and neglect, and developing empathy for birth parents. Also covered are how to distinguish between abuse and common, accidental childhood injuries as well as reporting to authorities. Supplemental handouts round out the course. Caution: contains graphic images.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • understand the causes and risk factors of child maltreatment
  • develop empathy for the birth parents
  • distinguish between common, accidental childhood injuries and abuse
  • identify child physical abuse and neglect
  • know when and how to report abuse to authorities

I have to take an Abuse and Neglect course yearly because I am also a child care provider, but this course went more in depth than the one I took earlier in the year for my daycare. This course was definitely more educational and in depth. But I totally agree, the burned feet was very hard to look at, and I had to get up to get my box of tissues. It was hard to imagine a child having to go through that, my heart went out to that child and all abused and neglected children. Even my husband gasped when that slide was shown.
Nina W.

Thank you for putting together this course. I really appreciated the depth of the presentation and the solid information. The ideas about foster children can still be mistreated is so true. Most children I have had over the years I have been able to manage with my approaches. I currently have one that is very complicated and this course is helping me deal with her.
Mark H.

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An introduction to child maltreatment covering:

  • CAPTA definitions of abuse and neglect

  • characteristics of maltreatment

  • symptoms of abuse

  • reporting child maltreatment

4 credit hours,
$20.00 per person