Parent Testimonials

Mother, father and little boy
"This was an amazing course!!! We have been foster parents over 12 years now and watched the system change from keeping foster and primary families separate to what this class discusses ('Working Together With Primary Families'). Our last foster child we had, this is exactly how we approached them. I hadn't seen this yet but obviously this is the 'New' way to foster."
"I got some good information out of this course. My foster son lies and we really have stopped asking him questions. He is trusting us more and the lies are less-but I think he will lie for the rest of his life. Anyways, thanks for the course."
"Thank you so much for all of your continued help throughout this process! I truly appreciate your quick and thorough responses. I have really enjoyed this site and the courses offered and plan on using it again in the future. I now also know the customer service is fantastic!"
"When my husband and I first started learning about foster care and foster to adoption, there were so many 'unknowns' that it felt almost too scary to move forward. This class is answering so many of my questions and helping me to see this as a reality. I'm excited to see what the future holds and hope that we will be able to offer a temporary home on the path to reunification with a birth family or a permanent home through adoption for a child during their crisis/time of need."
"Very informative and easy to follow, common sense approach. Thanks."
"As a foster mom of a child with ADHD, I was amazed to hear how accurate the doctor was in the class. This was very informative and I learned a great deal. Kudos to you all!"
"Just wanted to say thanks for providing alternative training that's self paced for a person like me with a hectic schedule that sometimes hinder me from participating in group settings at my local agency! It's a blessing!"
"I have a teaching background. Your course is definitely designed by someone who is an EXCELLENT teacher. The background info, discussion board interactions, video clips, handouts, etc. - high quality from an instructional standpoint."
"I enjoy that if a problem arises during the day and I realize I haven't studied that in 15 years, that night I'll go to FPC and take the class and refresh my training. It addresses the 'every child's not alike' beautifully. We've been getting continuing education for decades and this is the best resource we've found. I just love it."
"I really learned a lot. The class was very informative. The info has helped me with the child I now have and it explained a lot of her reasons and actions. Now I am able to address it appropriately."
"We really enjoyed the classes they were very informative and understandable. We have taken 4 classes and plan on taking more. It is very convenient for us to take the course in the evening because our days are so busy. We encourage both men and woman to take the classes. You will be enlightened. Thanks so much."
"I have completed nine of the courses. I can't get enough. We have had 33 foster kids through our house in the last two years. With each child comes their own unique set of problems. These courses are really opening my eyes to each of these individual problems. Thank you so much!"
"I want to commend you on the material and the simple and interesting way it was presented. We so thought that this would be a boring two hours of reading and was pleasantly surprised to see this format. We will take these online classes from now on. Thanks again!"
"I have taken all of the courses you have offered. They are great and convenient. You're tech support is awesome. They continue with you till they find the right solution. Thank you so much and I am waiting for the next ones."
"I just took the first class in the series and really liked it alot. It's a great format and so much easier for myself and the kids. Instead of finding a sitter that can handle all the kids individually, driving to class, sitting there worrying about the kids; I just did this at home. It was great. I could pause when interrupted and go right back to the lesson. I wish all my classes were this easy! Thank you."
"Very well put together. I would not change a thing. I will pass this along to fellow parents. Thank you!"
"Once again, I am finding these courses most beneficial in helping me understand what might be going on for our foster children. For me to be able to use the computer and work at my own pace is good thing, as I am not missing out on valuable information because I can't physically get to a training session. Many thanks"
"I am so enjoying the I am better able to pay attention to instruction. It has answered so many questions I have had over the years, and I enjoy the personal feel of each course."
"This gives food for thought [Lying]. I have always been taught to punish any lying. It's a new ball game when I became an adoptive parent in my middle 50's. I'm raising my grandchildren a lot differently than my own children and learning new rules and ideas."
"Due to having a full time job and being a foster parent, I have a hard time going to the classes that are offered through my agency to get my credit hours needed to keep my license up to date. These online courses are a lifesaver. They give me credit while teaching valuable tools to use in handling behaviors with my children. I would like to see more courses within a shorter period of time."

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