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Mindfulness Exercises with Annaka Harris

Helpful Mindfulness Exercises – Audio Clips by Annaka Harris

Research studies on the benefits of mindfulness are limited but growing in number. Mindfulness has been incorporated into schools to help children with anxiety, depression, and ADHD. However, a child doesn't need a mental health diagnosis to benefit from it. When using mindfulness exercises to reduce stress in children exposed to trauma, parents need to be sure to adjust the exercises so a child isn't reminded of scary or painful emotions and body sensations.

Strength-Based Child Welfare Words & Expressions

Strength-Based Child Welfare Words and Expressions

The terms used in child welfare are often passed down from one generation of staff to another and thus are also commonly used by families and children. To continue the focus on a child's and family's strengths, we provide the following alternatives to words and expressions traditionally used in child welfare.

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Code of Ethics for Foster Parents

Family foster care is an integral component of the child welfare system that requires foster parents – with essential support from their agency – to be dedicated to the welfare of the children in their care. Created by the National Foster Parent Association (NFPA), the code of ethics sets clear expectations and principles to establish basic values and guide practice.

English/Spanish Glossary of Terms

English/Spanish Glossary of Terms

Foster Parent College has created a living glossary for our Spanish translations. By making our glossary public, we hope others in the field will also apply these common terms to their work.

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