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Welcome Parents!

Whether you have years of caregiving experience, or you are considering becoming a foster, adoptive, or kinship parent, the courses on (FPC) can help you provide a healthy and nurturing environment for a child who has experienced complex trauma or other stressors. FPC offers a self-paced online training approach, with research-based courses created by nationally recognized experts.

FPC courses can help you:

  • Understand the effects of trauma
  • Address challenging behaviors
  • Discover practical parenting strategies

Our courses are often used by resource parents to obtain credit hours for pre-licensing and/or annual training requirements. If you are taking FPC courses for credit hours, we recommend that you first check in with your licensing agency to ensure they accept FPC completion certificates.

Personal Home Page

Each individual registered with FPC has a Personal Home page that gives them access to the online courses, discussion boards, and extracurricular resources. From the Personal Home page, members can:

  • Take courses at their own pace
  • View and download certificates of completion
  • View and download course-related and agency documents
  • Participate in discussion boards
  • Maintain a personal notebook
  • Communicate with their agency administrator or instructor
  • Create a personal caregiving profile

Account Options

FPC Affiliate Map

FPC's Affiliate Map can be used to find agencies that accept FPC online training. Some affiliated agencies cover the cost of training or reimburse for completed training, while others require individuals to pay for training themselves. Not all agencies that accept FPC online training will be listed on the map. If you do not find an agency you are looking for on the map, we recommend contacting the agency directly to ask whether they accept FPC online training. You can also request that FPC send information to the agency on how they can begin offering parents access to our online courses.