We Offer COVID-19 Training Solutions

During the pandemic, many states and agencies have turned to FPC's blended pre-service training, a proven-effective approach in treatment caregiving. This blended approach gives agencies the ability to select from 65+ online courses to assemble a custom online curriculum that fits agency/county/state training requirements.

As originally designed, throughout the assembled online curriculum, agencies could schedule in-person meetings to disperse local training information and meet with parents face-to-face. However, since COVID-19, FPC has updated its management system to support agencies that have had to replace canceled in-person meetings with online-facilitated group meetings through virtual platforms (such as Zoom).

FPC's management system offers many other features that have proven to be helpful during this pandemic. For example, the management system has the capability for agencies to upload their own training materials; agencies can have parents take graded tests at the end of a training cluster; and staff can interact with parents using course discussion boards or by creating custom discussion board topics.

Standardized curriculums that utilize FPC's blended training approach to pre-service training

The two standardized curriculums that use FPC's blended approach to pre-service training are the FPC-IHS Blended Pre-Service Training Curriculum and CWLA's New Generation PRIDE Model of Practice. Additionally, FPC unlimited account users have access to "Series," which allows the modification of a standardized curriculum or allows agencies to create their own custom curriculum from scratch.

The FPC-IHS Blended Pre-Service Training Curriculum includes ten interactive courses which are supplemented by four agency-led meetings. A study on this curriculum found (among other things) a significant improvement in parent retention through to completion of pre-service training. This curriculum is rated as promising research by the California Evidence-Based Clearing House. For more information, click here.

In 2015, Foster Parent College joined with the Child Welfare League of America to develop the New Generation PRIDE Model of Practice. Within this model, the pre-service training component introduces parents to the practice of trauma-informed care using twelve FPC online classes and five agency-led meetings. For more information, click here.

Create a custom blended online curriculum using "Series"

Agencies using an FPC unlimited account have access to "Series." This feature gives agencies the ability to assemble a custom online curriculum by clustering together sets of FPC courses. Agencies can then schedule agency-led meetings along with instructions, registration information, meeting links, etc. in between the assembled clusters. Other features include graded tests, customized introductory and conclusion messages, the ability to monitor parents' training progress, and more.

Get Started!

It is easy to get started! FPC staff provides support to both agency staff and resource parents. Our staff will help your agency set up your blended pre-service training on FPC. We provide monthly training webinars on how to navigate the management system, including how to register parents, assign training, generate reports, and more. Our online video tutorials and guides offer quick and easy instructions on managing your online training program.

To sign up for an FPC Agency Account, please fill out the registration form here, or if you have any questions, please contact us at fpc@northwestmedia.com.

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