Accessibility at FPC

The staff is actively working to improve our website to support people who have disabilities. Our goal is to meet or exceed ADA requirements while maintaining the quality of our courses.

FPC staff is currently creating closed captions for all courses (see the chart for completed titles). Additionally, once a course is captioned, the CC icon is automatically included next to the title of the course throughout the website.

The staff is also moving forward to make our website completely accessible to people who use screen reading software or other assistive technologies to access the internet; this includes our courses (see the chart for completed titles).

If you are having problems with the reading software you are currently using, please describe the problem by sending us a message by clicking here or using the Send a Comment button five tab keystrokes from the URL box.

We expect to complete the CC and screen reading assistance project in 2021.

FPC CoursesCC 
Anger Outbursts
Anger Pie
Caring for Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused
Child Abuse & Neglect
Child Development
Child Safety & Supervision
Children Entering Care: Mental Health Issues
Children Entering Care: Physical Health Issues
Children With Autism
Could it be FASD?
Culturally Competent Parenting
Cultural Issues in Parenting
Eating Disorders
Escalating Behavior Unwrapped
Family Dynamics in Foster Care
Fire Play & Fire Setting
Foster Care to Adoption
Grief & Loss in the Care System
House Safety
It's My Marriage!
Kinship Care
Noncompliance & Defiance
Parent-Child Attachment
Parenting a Child Who Was Substance Exposed
Positive Parenting 1
Positive Parenting 2
Positive Parenting 3
Preparing Teens for Postsecondary Education
Reactive Attachment Disorder
Reducing Family Stress
Running Away
Safe Parenting
Sleep Problems (2nd Edition)
Substance Exposed Infants
Supporting Normalcy
Taking Things - Stealing
The Child Welfare Team
The Foster Home Investigation Process
The Impact of Fostering on Birth Children
The Role Of Mandated Child Abuse Reporters
Trauma-Informed Parenting
Understanding Behavior in Foster Children
Understanding Birth Family Relationships
Understanding Sex Trafficking
Wetting & Soiling
Working Together with Primary Families
Working with Birth Parents: Visitation
Working With Schools
FPC WorkshopsCC 
Anger (Advanced Parenting Workshop)
Lying (Advanced Parenting Workshop)
Problematic Sexual Behaviors (Advanced Parenting Workshop)
Self-Injury (Advanced Parenting Workshop)
Social & Physical Aggression (Advanced Parenting Workshop)
Taking Things without Permission (Advanced Parenting Workshop)
Understanding Noncompliance (Advanced Parenting Workshop)
Cursos en españolCC 
Apego entre padres e hijos
Bebés expuestos a drogas
Crianza sensible al trauma
Cuestiones culturales en la crianza
Del cuidado temporal a la adopción
Desarrollo del niño
El cuidado de niños que han sido sexualmente abusados
El efecto de la crianza temporal en los hijos biológicos
El equipo de bienestar del menor
El esfuerzo conjunto con las familias primarias
El tráfico humano y la explotación sexual
Entender el comportamiento de niños en crianza temporal
Maltrato y negligencia infantil
Niños que entran en el cuidado temporal: Problemas de salud física
Niños que entran en el cuidado temporal: Problemas de salud mental
Reducir el estrés familiar
Respaldar la normalidad

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