The New Generation PRIDE Model of Practice

(Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education)

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FosterParentCollege joined with the Child Welfare League of America to develop the New Generation PRIDE Model of Practice for agencies. Within this model, the new pre-service training component introduces parents to the practice of trauma-informed care using 12 online classes and five in-person meetings. Additionally, the PRIDE Model emphasizes the mutual assessments by the agency and the parents regarding the family's ability, willingness, and skills in providing care for children.

Benefits of the New Generation PRIDE include:

For Agencies and Parents
  • Enhancing trauma-informed parenting information and skills
  • Focusing on the impact of fostering on all members of prospective foster families
  • Reducing parent costs, travel, and time away from home
  • Enabling parents to learn at their own pace and time
  • Demonstrating examples through interactive vignettes
  • Reemphasizing the practice of mutual assessment

For Agencies
  • Standardizing the content and quality of training
  • Allowing more staff time to provide one-on-one support
  • Providing in-depth core training
  • Using proven effective training techniques
  • Increasing training opportunities for staff and potentially providing CEU credits
  • Adaptable to local requirements
  • Helping the agency offer a structured yet flexible training schedule to potential resource families

Retains Parents

The benefits for agencies include improved retention of potential caregivers through the pre-service training component by providing greater flexibility and reduced costs.

Research Supported

Northwest Media and the State of Oregon completed a comparison study of hybrid pre-service training with traditional in-person classroom training. The hybrid training consisted of four classroom meetings and 10 self-paced courses.

In our research, the hybrid program, like the traditional program, produced significant increases in both awareness and knowledge. The completion rate for the hybrid program significantly surpassed the traditional program and the hybrid program garnered very high levels of satisfaction.

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